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Since 1986, Milton Horne's Piano Service has provided the highest quality piano tuning, regulation, voicing, and maintenance to music-lovers in the Kansas City region. 


"I have used Horne’s Piano Tuning Services for years and I can say that his service is excellent. He makes recommendations for something that I might consider but no pressure. My piano always sounds great after he tunes it, and as a perk I get to hear him play just to try out the entire keyboard sound! Try his service you won’t regret it."

Valerie Steele – Chesterfield, MO

"We have used Horne's piano tuning for over 10 years and the work has always been of the highest quality. This company is so much more than just a tuning service. My in-laws acquired a baby grand that had not been worked on for years and Milton took it into his shop and completely rebuilt it at a very reasonable cost. Then when we were able to buy a piano for ourselves, he gave it a complete cleaning and set up as a part of the first tuning in our house. Outstanding service..."

Ian Coleman – Liberty, MO

About Horne's Piano Service

Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

Our mission at Horne's Piano Service is to provide the highest quality professional piano tuning, regulation, voicing and total piano care for the best value in a timely manner. You'll love the way your piano sounds and plays when you call Milton Horne, a Registered PIano Technician, in the Piano Technicians Guild. Contact us now!

Professional Services

What We Provide

Key Repair

Piano Repair

From easy repairs to replacing parts.  Sometimes it's simple (squeaks, groans, noises); sometimes it's broken (nothing moves or happens). We'll repair your piano's original parts or replace them with new ones. Most of these repairs can be done on site during a regular house call. Get the repair done today.

Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning

From the spinet to the grand. A tuning makes your piano, no matter how small or large, old or new, sound extraordinarily better. Regular tunings over the years keep it sounding beautiful and help maintain its value. Want your piano to sound better? Schedule a tuning today.

Piano Keys

Piano Restoration

More than a small repair? When your piano needs its parts reconditioned through regulation, lubrication, bolstering, reshaping, re-pinning, etc. Horne's Piano Service has you covered. Much of this work can be done on site, but we have a fully equipped shop to provide the restoration and reconditioning needed off-site. Schedule an appointment for appraisal today


Piano Rebuilding

When your piano is too worn to recondition, you may need a rebuild or partial rebuild. Restringing may be called for. Action rebuilding and regulation; Keytop replacement and rebushing; Pinblock replacement; Keytouch analysis and correction all may be addressed through partial rebuilds. Schedule an appointment for a tuning and appraisal today.


Other Services

There are several other ways Horne's Piano Service can maintain your enjoyment of your piano. Need humidity control? Need a professional appraisal of the piano's value for insurance, for donation purposes, for exchange purposes? Need other professional services that can be provided by Movers? Refinishers and Touch-up experts? New piano Dealers? Make and appointment for a consultation today.

"For over thirty years, musicians in the greater Kansas City area have looked to Horne's Piano Service to assist in their enjoyment of piano playing and piano music. I invite you to experience the difference I can make in your overall musical (and especially piano-playing) experience. Make an appointment today."

Milton Horne

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